Our Promise

We recognize for each vehicle faces specific needs of challenges cleaning on their deli commute there fore ; we strive to understand everyone and each one of you as a professional driver ! Julio offers a unique and professional service's, we specialize in multiple areas such as Basic car wash detail, Carpet Steam shampoo, ceramic paste wax, Clay magic, Leather Treatment, Inclusive Detailing, Over spray removal, Superior waxing Detailing, and Thrall Interior cleaning ? Julio is driven by a triad of business strategies based on our seven greatest assets.  Julio Delivers superior quality and customer service by employing only qualified,  professional people. Our professional team will leave your Vehicle or Working Truck Looking Like new up on their vast technical and analytical Skills on their deli basis, because every motorize vehicle and trucks is unique.  Please visit us and send us a welcome e-mail  Giantscarwash@gmail.com   Julio invests in state of the art Equipment on an ongoing basis. This ensures that our people always have the tools they need To produce the highest quality Julio service in the most cost-efficient manner!

I Julio will insist on a overall thrall cleaning services to specify a clean environmental by checking our work for you to be satisfaction guarantee 

At all the time and by enjoying a clean sence of hummor smelling like new on your new  vehicle or your old vehicle service to be able for you to get your deposit back at no risk.

Contact us today and let us advise you. We’ll be happy to help!

Our Specialty Services

Anything For Your Car

Upholstery Steam Shampoo and Carpet Steam Shampoo

Auto Mechanic

Car Polishing

Overspray Removal

Rims Cleaning & Polishing

Chrome Polishing

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If you have any questions about our offer, please contact us by filling out the form below and we will get in touch with you shortly. Alternatively, you can give us a call or even drop by and visit us – we hope to see you soon!

Auto Mechanic Services 

Need it quickly? No problem! For most types of damage, we guarantee that you can pick up your car within same day service.